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Smart precast production needs up-to-date automation

Elematic Automation Upgrades

Every factory, technology and machine has its optimal lifetime. Same applies on factory automation. The lifetime can be extended with regular maintenance, but eventually newer choices just perform better.

Up-to-date production technologies shorten precaster’s reaction times and ensure premium end-product quality, as I wrote in my post earlier. What is often overlooked is the renewal of production automation. In this era of technology-driven competitiveness, smart integrated renewal of all production components is a key.

Shorter and less damaging production downtime

The repair of existing automation hardware might be impossible, if the original automation solution dates back for several years. The hardware is just out-of-date, and there are not any spare parts available anymore. Then the whole production automation components need to be re-designed and rebuild. Production downtime is easily couple of weeks instead of couple of days or hours, which certainly affects your profitability. Also in automation preventive maintenance is the key. By updating hardware on time, even if it does not show any problems, you will save yourself from headache!

3 tips for smart upgrades

  • When have you last time upgraded your Extruder EL900E nozzle module  or levelling beam assembly? 
  • Did you know, that there is more advanced automation technologies used in E9 series Extruder?
  • Hardware and software related to your concrete transportation and batching and mixing plant management are also worth checking, since they are crucial for good production flow.

 Petteri Laitinen, Director, Customer Services, Elematic

Precast in building foundations

Industrial Pile Driving, Elematic, Foundations

Industrial Pile Driving is the greenest way to pile with an unforeseen productivity

We want to understand and find the most suitable solution for customers’ need every time. This sentence in our values describes well the starting point we had in our offering development in the end of last year.

Precast has established itself as a modern way to produce floors and walls for any type of a building. But could it be more? Could the same benefits of high quality, excellent productivity, safety and profitability be achieved in underground building construction?

Precast foundations, Elematic

Precast products for sustainable building foundations

Yes, yes and yes. Industrial piling solution shows the way. The solution combines
• An easy add-on to your current production without any new raw materials
• The lowest labor requirements
• A flexible production
• The best overall control of the production process
• The greenest way to pile with minimized ecological footprint
• An unforeseen production of even 3 km of ready-to-install piles per day!

Precast concrete piles, Elematic, Pile Caster

Pile Caster for efficient precast concrete pile production

To put it in short, for a precaster, precast concrete pile line offers new business opportunities and better market value easy and uncomplicatedly.

Ismo Kallio, product manager, Elematic

Beautiful and safe precast in Russia – with Love!

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Atmosfera housing project by YIT in Russia

Russia has been a central part of my life for the 21 years. My first experiences with this great country date back to 1990´s when I moved to St. Petersburg to work there. Since then many things have changed, but also many things have remained the same.

Building construction in Russia 

In the early 90´s St. Petersburg was a typical ex-Soviet city where the economic growth was taking first steps. Many western companies started investments and opened subsidiaries in Russia. People began to move in to big cities searching for jobs and a better standard of living. And it is still going on.

The need of new flats is huge in all major Russian cities:  in Moscow they are building 4,5 million SQMs/year and in the Moscow about 5,5 million SQMs/year. In St. Petersburg and other big cities the annual volume of built housing is from 1 to 3 million SQMs.  In 2010 there were 714 000 completed homes in Russia.

Precast concrete building traditions

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New precast factory of YIT in Russia

It is clear, that such huge building volumes put a great challenge to constructors to find the most cost effective way of building. Russia has a long history with precast concrete buildings. The value of this ready-to-install building product has been recognized widely. Old problems related to the quality of precast products and buildings can be easily solved with modern building methods and precast manufacturing technologies.

Effective building construction

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Precast concrete piles for safe and sustainable foundations

The typical size of supplied precast factories can vary from 100.000sqm- 500.000 sqms of housing per year. Less manpower is needed thanks to more and more automated processes and advanced technologies. Using prefabricated concrete products allows the constructors to maintain the high quality of houses even when building during the wintertime. The modern precast connections can be made safely in temperatures even up to -20 degrees Celsius.

Modern solution for sustainable foundations

#Precasttech for #Piles

Precast concrete pile production line

Many big Russian cities are located on river banks and see coasts. In such conditions houses must be built on pile foundations. Elematic has developed a unique production plant for foundations: it is possible to produce even 3 KMs of piles/day on a single plant. This is not possible using other solutions on the market. In St. Petersburg we have a client, who has recently bought a 3rd such line. This is just one example of the great market opportunity waiting for modern precasters.

 Harri Lahtivesi, Elematic’s area director for Russia


Competitiveness in precast production lifecycle, part 3

During last years, competitiveness has been one of the main issues in our customer discussions. In precast concrete factories, staying competitive is a multi-dimensional effort concerning not only production lines and machinery, but also operator skills and operational best practices.

In precast concrete factories, competitiveness concerns not only production lines and machinery, but also operator skills and operational best practices.

In precast concrete factories, competitiveness concerns not only production lines and machinery, but also operator skills and operational best practices.

In this blogging, I share my views on how a precaster and a technology supplier can cooperate to improve the competitiveness of a precast investment. This blogging also continues the blogging series on precast production lifecycle started by Petri Vesa.

Operational competitiveness of a precast factory

I prefer to have people thinking over machines. Even so I work in a leading precast technology company. No factory can operate optimally, if people – operators, production managers, designers, owners – do not develop it.

Profitability of a factory requires parallel support for hardware, software and people. One way to acquire all of these is our Precast Academy, the only training concept of its kind available in the market.

Elematic provides you with factory lifetime support  to increase profitability of your investment

Elematic provides you with factory lifetime services to increase profitability of your investment

As its best, a technology supplier can offer for a precaster similar references and industry knowledge on operational best practices based on proven track record.

Local factory service and maintenance

In major capital goods investments, daily productivity is in the core of the investment profitability. When a machine breaks, fast delivery of the right spare part is essential. Preventive maintenance contract with regular machinery inspections and factory visits is a minor cost, but a major element in the creation of competitive advantage.

Ways to ensure the daily productivity of your precast factory

Ways to ensure the daily productivity of your precast factory

Production renewals for competitiveness

Finland was ranked as the world’s third competitive country by World Economic Forum Competitiveness Report 2012-2013 .

Strong part of Finland’s competitiveness is mechanical engineering; companies in this sector know how to apply new technologies rapidly to customer-driven products and production processes.

In building construction sector, Finland has gathered unique cluster knowhow in precast building design, connections and production. Also, our building construction companies are internationally recognized of their quality work.

How does this then benefit a precaster?

Technology innovation and engineering tradition is a firm base for continuous development. For a precaster, benefits come in the form of

–       faster reaction to market needs,

–       more cost-effective manufacturing models and processes, and

–       premium quality machinery.


Inspections and factory audits to stay competitive

Inspections and factory audits to stay competitive


It would be interesting to hear your experiences in your precast investment development. And by that continue the discussion on how we could make the precast industry even more competitive together.

Meanwhile, Happy Holidays!

Petteri Laitinen,  Director, Customer Services, Elematic